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MT4 PC side

MT4 trading platform, investors in any part of the world, not only can place a single transaction at any time and anywhere, and can query the real-time price, trend chart, expert comments, so that investors always close to the global financial market, in the fast changing market competition is always one step ahead.

MetaTrader4 has three different chart types, nine time frames, more than 50 pre-installed technical indicators, and a fully customizable interface. It allows you to monitor the market accurately and schedule each time you enter and leave the market perfectly.

A variety of technical analysis indicators

  • Real-time technical analysis and charts
  • Real-time two-way quotation
  • Real-time market information

Convenient trade execution

  • Fast order, instant confirmation
  • Trade 24 hours a day
  • Provide application platform suitable for various devices

Easy to operate

  • Easy to use terminal Windows
  • Multilingual system (traditional and simplified Chinese/English)

Powerful risk management function

  • Real-time account, transaction, background daily and monthly account records
  • Set price tips to keep track of market conditions
  • Profit and stop order, improve risk management

Using Fortis enterprise co., LTD trading platform will gain the following advantages:

  • Truly matching transactions, providing international bank quotes
  • Support high frequency, hedge trading, free trading unlimited
  • Float point difference mode
  • Accurate quotation after the decimal point of 5 digits, obtain the most accurate price fluctuations
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