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Price & execution

Very competitive low margin

As your trusted dealer, Fortis enterprise co., LTD is just as reliable in providing spread data. Our point difference information is objective, transparent and reliable. You can refer to "average spread" for the most likely spread in general, or "real-time spread" for the actual spread quote at the moment.
Average spread: the median spread of the most recent month, reflecting the universality and stability of the offer, is an important reference for the spread you are most likely to obtain in general. For example, the average point spread of EUR/USD in February is 1.8, which means you have a 50% chance of getting a point spread lower than 1.8, and a 50% chance of getting a point spread higher than 1.8.
Real-time spread: the spread you see is the spread our customers get at the moment.We are perhaps the only trader in the industry to date who has managed to achieve 100% real-time and transparent spread.
Strong company strength

Because of the strong strength of Fortis enterprise co., LTD, we can maintain long-term and stable in-depth cooperation with the world's top quotation and traffic providers, strive for the lowest quotation in the industry for you, and continue to provide you with very competitive point difference.

Technical support for quotation

Through high-end quotation technology, Fortis enterprise co., LTD sets a very low minimum margin for each trading product, guaranteeing customers to obtain a very competitive minimum margin in an automatic manner.