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Programmatic trading elite classes

Course object Target Clients

■ I want to further improve my trading ability and become a student of professional traders through the crash training of professional traders
■ Practice without practice
■ Veteran of ups and downs
■ Insiders who want to be industry giants

Course duration: closed intensive training for 3-5 days

Training fee:RMB 98000

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The core technology


Training purpose


Understand and master the trading methods of professional traders and the trading psychology of winners


Help senior traders to break through technical and psychological bottlenecks and truly cross the threshold of professional level


Deeply grasp the international top trading model and strategy, become an expert trading strategist


Master jinjiano intelligent trading system, risk control system, tracking system and other powerful trading tools


Understand and master distributed trading technology, with the ability to manage large funds and multiple accounts


To establish its own intelligent trading strategy platform and become a winner in the financial industry


Core courses

Trading the vast road - realm chapter
>The way of nature and the way of trade
>Unlock the secrets of price volatility
>Learn more about probability and odds
>Insight into traders' minds
>The source of trading confidence is science
>Establish and implement trading discipline
Trade strategy - secret
>Quantitative statistics and trading strategies
>In-depth analysis of the mathematical model
>Trend game trading strategies
>Spatial ratio trading strategy
>Value return trading strategy
>Price shock trading strategy
>A hedging strategy
> Neural memory of trading strategies
Trade real combat weapon - artifact chapter
>Intelligent trading system details
>Intelligent trading system details
>Intelligent tracking system details
>Intelligent hedging system details
>How to use expert signals
>Use of the transaction server
>Introduction to distributed trading
On the road to success - status
>How do you really make money
>How to manage assets well
>How to serve strategy well
>How to do training consultation
>How do you build your team
>Financial game and financial industry
>Build your own financial empire



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Special note: participants of our crash course can obtain the advanced certificate of professional competence of foreign exchange investment analyst free of charge.