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Client office


Trading master crash course

Course object Target Clients

■ Finance major
■ Non-financial students (with a vision for the financial industry)
■ Casual hobbyist (who wants to get into financial trading)
■ Individual foreign exchange investors (those who cannot make steady profits)

Duration: 20 Duration, 3 days

The training cost:RMB 20000

Start time:2018-3-17

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Understand the nature of financial investment


Understand the nature of financial investment


Master trading rules and skills


More than 90% of investors


Ability to analyze transactions independently


Master the most powerful trading models


Set up your own trading system


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About the nature of investment
The importance of systematic training
Foreign exchange and foreign exchange markets
Gold and gold market
How to be a profitable investor
1Course module 1
Foreign exchange trading platform
How to choose a foreign exchange dealer
STP ECN MMTo compare
MetaTradeIntroduction to use
2Course modules
Freedom of wealth through trade
Basic trading knowledge and practice
Establish the right trading mindset
How to choose trading varieties
Introduction of main trading methods
3Course module 3
Set up your own trading system
Application of mathematical model in trading
Analysis methods and trading strategies
Deep understanding of odds and probability
Introduction to real - time trading model
4Course module 4
Trend game trading strategies
Unique three-law integration mode
Three laws in one of the opening rules
Three laws in one position law
Three laws in one profit rule
5Module 5
Spatial ratio trading strategy
The magic Z rule
Open position rules for top and bottom capture
Top and bottom of the capture of the closing rules
Top and bottom capture application skills
6Course module 6
Fund management and risk control
Asset management under large funds
Use of risk control system
Multi-account management mode
Use of the transaction server
7Course module 7
How to become a giant in the industry
Program trading elite class introduction
About intelligent trading systems
About self-help financial systems
About the policy service platform
8Course module 8



Company address:10th floor, laixi fulong building, Hong Kong, China

Special note: participants of our crash course can obtain the foreign exchange investment analyst professional competence certificate for free.