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Advanced development concept Fortis enterprise co., LTDCustom development follows the people-oriented, practical development philosophy. Fortis enterprise co., LTD each customized service is closely adapted to the needs of customers and tested by the most rigorous test in the real trading market to ensure that each product and service of customized service meets or even exceeds the expected requirements.
  • Professional development team Fortis enterprise co., LTDThe custom development team, like its r&d team, is made up of several financial scientists, mathematicians and software development engineers. Each member of the customized development team has many years of industry experience, and has strong modeling and system development ability, and can develop proprietary trading software or trading procedures according to various requirements of customers.
  • Personalized combination Fortis enterprise co., LTDCustomized development provides customers with a variety of combinations to meet customer personalized needs. Clients can combine financial products and trading strategies developed by the target arbitrarily, including a-shares, us stocks, futures, foreign exchange, or other k-line data provided by others. Trading strategies can be either A customized strategy group or A trading database corresponding to A financial product strategy provided by Fortis enterprise co., LTD. Customers can match their needs and convenient operation of the trading software or trading procedures.
  • Our commitment Fortis enterprise co., LTDWe promise that Fortis enterprise co., LTD customized development team will guarantee to write corresponding programs according to the ideas of the customers as long as the requirements of the customers are scientifically reviewed and confirmed to be clear and accurate. If the test results of the programs are inconsistent with the ideas of the customers, we will unconditionally modify them. At the same time, customers can make partial adjustment within one year after acceptance without changing the original system principle.
  • About use authorization Fortis enterprise co., LTD is entitled to retain the source code of the program, but it shall not be disclosed or used for other commercial purposes without the consent of the client.
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