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Fortis enterprise co., LTDOperator solutions With strong technical strength, Fortis enterprise co., LTD has developed into a leading cross-platform intelligent trading solution in China. It is equipped with automatic operation/merchandiser/risk control/warning system and creative multi-line technical innovation. Whether you are trading stocks, or investing funds, foreign exchange, futures, Fortis enterprise co., LTD intelligent trading system is your indispensable financial assistant. With the booming development of intelligent trading software today, we sincerely invite like-minded people to join the grand blueprint of Fortis enterprise co., LTD!
Market prospect
In the financial markets of developed countries in Europe and America, more than 90% of the order volume is completed by the program exchange, that is, the trader makes the system automatically complete the order trading at the reasonable entry/exit point through a series of custom Settings. However, in China, the introduction of the concept of financial investment and financing is obviously later than that of European and American countries, and there is a big gap between this proportion and that of developed regions. Fortunately, the mainstream mode of domestic investment trading is gradually changing from the traditional over-the-counter trading of financial products to the subsequent telephone delivery and online entrusted delivery. It is an indisputable fact that in the near future, procedural trading will definitely replace manual trading.

Only in the foreign exchange market in 2012, worldwide, the daily turnover has amounted to $6 trillion, while in China, until the end of 2011, according to data from China's number of people reached 150 million person-time, it goes without saying that no matter from profile, financial markets or liquidity and concentration of funds, investors are to compete in the top position. At present, the domestic property market situation is depressed, the bubble is facing the risk of bursting at any time; Deposit in the bank to get fixed interest? When you know the growth rate of domestic CPI, you will no longer have any illusions about it, and the intelligent trading system will undoubtedly give you a broader stage of development in the financial market!
Technical support
Fortis enterprise co., LTD intelligent trading system has the computer software copyright registration certificate issued by the national copyright administration of China. The acquisition of this certificate is conducive to Fortis enterprise co., LTD strengthening the advantages of independent intellectual property rights and providing further guarantee for further expanding the intelligent trading system market.

Fortis enterprise co., LTDIntelligent trading systems are updated several times a year to provide users with more concise and practical trading solutions. The specific upgrade date will appear on the main page of the operation platform in the form of text prompt box. As the regional cooperative franchisee of Fortis enterprise co., LTD, Fortis enterprise co., LTD will provide the background update support in the first time, including interface, analysis system optimization, graphics processing, etc. Not only that, Fortis enterprise co., LTD will closely cooperate with relevant sales personnel for free online system technical training. Our goal is clear and consistent, that is, to provide the best intelligent trading solution for all end users of Fortis enterprise co., LTD.
"Zero risk" franchise program
Fortis enterprise co., LTDThe core members of the r&d team have strong trading model establishment and intelligent system development ability, and have many years of practical experience in the financial and derivatives market. All trading models and operating strategies provided by the company are based on independent in-depth research and are protected by relevant patents. In the current domestic financial market, cross-platform and multi-line intelligent trading system is bound to be the mainstream of development, and Fortis enterprise co., LTD intelligent trading solutions will fill the gap in the market and join Fortis enterprise co., LTD to realize your dream of wealth!