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Fortis enterprise co., LTDIndividual investor solutions Fortis enterprise co., LTDAfter years of development, intelligent trading system has been widely used in financial products. Adhering to the trading philosophy of "where there is a K line, there is Fortis enterprise co., LTD", Fortis enterprise co., LTD aims to provide high-quality financial products and financial services to operators, financial institutions and individual traders around the world.

With the advent of the information age, a single investment product can no longer meet the increasing investment needs of traders -- the stock market, foreign exchange market, commodity futures market. Nowadays, investors can be found everywhere. In the face of complex network information, intelligent trading system is playing an increasingly important role. Fortis enterprise co., LTD intelligent trading solution -- including seven sets of intelligent trading procedures and three sets of intelligent analysis systems. Using neural network technology and space-time proportion principle, {sys: cpname} is suitable for the current known almost all financial products, whether you are trading, long term or short-term speculative, system with the combination of the trading strategy can guarantee the stability of your considerable return on investment, in addition, {sys: cpname} risk control system, and more set of tools to help you remove trouble back at home, even in the effect of risk events, your money safe will still get full guarantee.
Account display system
Fortis enterprise co., LTDAccount display platform centralized display by the trading system to create a real profit account. Users can directly access and view the profits of accounts on different platforms for the first timeAnd have a further understanding of the profit model of intelligent trading system. Since all accounts on the display platform are real and updated in real time, users will truly feel the revolutionary experience brought by Fortis enterprise co., LTD and establish sufficient confidence in profitability while setting the right investment goals.
Free software training
Fortis enterprise co., LTD intelligent trading system is equipped with video explanation, pictures and text. Even if you have no investment experience in financial products, you can fully master the use of Fortis enterprise co., LTD within 10 minutes. Fortis enterprise co., LTD analysis and trading system can accurately judge each graphic detail and prompt the ideal entry/exit point at the first time, helping you become an investment expert easily. Moreover, for individual users, the company will arrange online technical guidance for a certain period of time. For example, if you are not familiar with certain Settings or need to master more advanced trading skills, we firmly believe that one-to-one online guidance will help you flexibly use various practical skills of Fortis enterprise co., LTD and composite trading strategies.
Technical service support
After the user starts the actual operation, it enters the technical service stage. Each user of Fortis enterprise co., LTD intelligent trading system has access to a customized suggested parameter library. Fortis enterprise co., LTD parameter library has been verified by multiple multiple disks and users for a long time, which can be divided into multiple combination schemes. According to the Suggestions of the parameter database and the size of their own operation funds, traders can develop their own characteristics of the operation portfolio. For online users in the operation, the company will be according to the development of the market situation (such as significant risk events), to provide risk early warning system, certain the prices that could lead to a trade that stops and {sys: cpname} own risk control system, the user can adjust the program run in advance so as to effectively avoid market risk.