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Fortis enterprise co., LTDInstitutional investor solutions Broadly speaking, the institutional investor refers to the legal person institution specialized in securities investment activities with its own funds or funds raised from scattered public hands. Compared with individual investors, institutional investors have many unique characteristics, such as professional investor management, structured portfolio, standardized investment behavior and so on. Especially in China, since 2006, institutional investment has entered a period of rapid development and initially formed a diversified pattern of securities investment funds, securities companies, trust companies, insurance companies, qualified foreign institutional investors, social security fund, enterprise annuity and other institutional investors. With the continuous expansion of the number of institutional investors, the increase of the investment scale and the improvement of the overall quality, the institutionalization of the main investors in the financial market has become increasingly obvious.
Investment needs of institutional investors
Institutional investors generally have strong financial strength. They are equipped with special departments and managed by securities investment experts in investment decision-making and operation, information collection and analysis, research on listed companies and investment and financial management methods. Since institutional investors' investment behavior is relatively rational, the investment scale is relatively large, and the investment period is relatively long, stable and reliable financial products and financial channels are particularly important.

On the other hand, risks and opportunities coexist in the financial market. The more funds institutional investors enter the market, the greater the risk they will bear. In order to reduce the risk as much as possible, institutional investors will make reasonable investment portfolio in the investment process. In this case, the "algorithmic trading" or diversified portfolio strategy provided by the intelligent trading system will provide the necessary technical support for institutional investors to the largest extent.
Investment plan formulation stage
Fortis enterprise co., LTD intelligent trading system can provide one-stop procedural trading service solutions for institutional investors. In the domestic market, is a group of higher odds of high-frequency traders, but there is no denying the fact that "manually" high-frequency trading still has its limitations, in the face of rapidly changing financial markets, microsecond operation lag may cause a lot of asset loss, and {sys: cpname} intelligent trading system can fit all demand of institutional investors, its internal automated trading system, offer 24 hours monitoring systems and intelligent correction system, at the same time, ensure the safety of investor funds can effectively grasp the fleeting moment investment opportunities, and maximize the return on investment of the trader. Fortis enterprise co., LTD institutional investment asset appreciation solution, aiming at some market demands, can provide efficient and safe large capital financing solutions, or formulate cooperation agreements according to investors' financial returns requirements.
Investment plan implementation phase
The cooperation agreement enters the implementation stage, and the company will configure a high-performance remote server according to the financial plan. On the server side, a stylized financial management system will be configured to allocate customer funds efficiently. The system will automatically adjust operating parameters according to changes in market conditions and automatically adjust positions according to changes in fund profits.

After years of development, intelligent trading system has been widely used in financial products. Adhering to the trading philosophy of "where there is a K line, there is Fortis enterprise co., LTD", Fortis enterprise co., LTD aims to provide high-quality financial products and financial services to operators, financial institutions and individual traders around the world.